Thursday, February 7, 2008

8 months old

time has never gone so fast. having children truly accelerates life, doesn't it? davis & berkley are learning & changing everyday. some of our favorites from this month...

* they started raising their arms when you reach to pick them up.
* we discovered that davis LOVES being in the buff. we put him on the bed after bath time & he laughs, squeals, and rolls all over the place.
* berkley sticks her tongue in & out, over & over. she must enjoy the feeling of it scraping across her new teeth.
* davis has all four of his front teeth (the last tooth broke through today)
* they LOVE each other & are developing a sweet little friendhip
* they love their mommy & daddy & are leery of strangers. by leery, i mean...they scream at people in public. sorry if you have been one of those people.
* they've started crying when we leave the room
* they laugh when we come back in!

here they are with a few essentials. berk is appropriately playing with the cell phone while davis thumbs the remote. how's that for gender roles?

does US WEEKLY count as an "essential"?

happy birthday sweet babies

1 comment:

  1. Isn't this a GREAT age? I am loving every second. Just wait till they start crawling after you when you leave the room! Too cute. :) And go Davis, with all those teeth!


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