Tuesday, September 29, 2009

houston, we've made contact!

this weekend was our first trip to houston as a family of four! ryan had his leader retreat in town, which we were both speaking at it. since my mom comes to college station for visits, it was the first time to be in my hometown since my high school reunion!

we had a great visit with my mom & brother...and even met a few four legged friends at the zoo!

i made the mistake of telling the twinks about the zoo on thursday night.

will NEVER do that again.

at bedtime, berkley cried hysterically for the "aminals"...
"NO, night night mommy!!! go see monkeys!!!
go see nakes (snakes)!!! go see elephants!!!

BIG mistake.

a wise friend counseled me to tell them only once we're in the car or airplane from now on until forever.

in their excitement to see the "aminals", they boycotted their naps all together. when i went into their room (for the 3rd time) berkley proudly announced,

"i woke up, mommy!"

"you never went to sleep, berkley." i explained
(unsuccessfully holding back laughter)

so off we went, with two very sleep-deprived but overjoyed toddlers.

and lots of fun was had by all!

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