Monday, September 21, 2009

can't help smiling

this boy infects laughter. he really is quite funny in an irresistibly goofy way! see pictures below for proof.

davis has come into his own over the last several months. my once timid boy, resembling more of an appendage, has become quite the socialite.

it is not unusual for him to announce to complete strangers, "i tt potty!... i'm the man!"

like the time we had a roofing company at the house after a hail storm. davis confidently walks up to the roofer exclaiming, "hi man (his name for all adult males)... i tt potty!"
the roofer, understandably confused, stared back at davis. he then announced even more emphatically, "i tt potty, man!"

just last week he strolled into the office of our executive pastor to yell, "Gig Em AGGIES!" with his index finger extended high in the air. (he hasn't quite gotten the thumb part down, which i'm sure is an aggie joke in itself). wonderful pastor that he is, could have been solving a theological debate through a hebrew word study, but looked up with sheer enthusiasm to engage with davis. what i should also mention is buck, our pastor, moonlights as an ASF (aggie sports fanatic). "Gig em Aggies" was sweet music to his ears!

here is our sweet boy, oozing his boyish charm

1 comment:

  1. Too funny! He is really developing a cut personality. I bet he will do well with the ladies...but we will worry about that when he's 30 ;)


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