Thursday, February 14, 2008


one of my greatest joys is watching davis & berkley love one another. no one can make one laugh like the other. just a glance will solicit the sweetest smiles & a stream of contagious giggles. watching them makes me laugh through tears. while celebrating their 8 month birthday i failed to mention that davis has started giving hugs. when he wants to express enjoyment of something, he leans to rest his head on whatever it is. just last week he rested his head on the book i was reading to him, as if to say..."i really like you, little book." he mostly loves to hug berkley. berkley isn't quite sure how to respond to his affection. although she isn't as expressive, she is more & more comforted by her mommy & daddy's arms. (especially when someone else tries to interact with her.) another way berkley has been expressing her affection is by patting us. she repeatedly pats & occasionally strokes my face. oh, the small, sweet pleasures that surprise us daily. here are the loves of our life.
happy valentines to you & your family!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Those pictures of the twins are the cutest - especially the ones of D laying on B. :-)

  2. These are adorable! I can't believe that we just posted the same thing!

  3. Your little lovebugs are so adorable!! Aren't babies so fun?

  4. I love the valentines pic, Andrea! Your Davis is a funny one! Happy Valentine's Day!


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