Friday, February 22, 2008

o my heart

if you know berkley, you know she is a go-getter. she is independent, fun-loving & often too busy for a squeeze.

tonight she fell asleep in my arms while nursing, something she hasn't done since she was teeny tiny. i absorbed every detail...her small rhythmic breaths, the twitching of her fingers, the curve of her lips, the weight of her head on my shoulder.

my heart soared as i stroked her hair and prayed, knowing it would be a rare occasion. i love this little girl & feel uniquely bonded to her.

i long to be the kind of mommy she might want to be like one day. if nothing else, i'll be the mommy that loves her insanely.


  1. Reading this brings tears to my eyes. When they let me, I love snuggling with Preslee and Mason. Something about their smell, the way they breathe, is so so sweet! I agree with you about the bond b/t a mother and a daughter. It is unique. I hope I can be the mommy that they want to be just like one day.

  2. What a beautiful picture Andrea and a beautiful moment with Berk!

  3. Such a great moment...I savored the moments when Jayden was sick and would sleep on me (but that was ALL I savored, of course...poor boy)...and yes their smell...there is something INCREDIBLE!

  4. Andrea!!! Love it. It goes sooooo fast. When she is three you will recapture those snuggle moments as she fights taking a nap and would rather snuggle with you!


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