Monday, March 10, 2008

uh oh

i was sweeping the kitchen today when berkley dropped her sippy cup. i said, uh- oh, without any thought... picked up the cup & returned it to her tray. she knocked it off the tray again & said....a, aaahhhhhh. i returned the cup to her tray, only to watch her do it again & again, while saying, ah, ahhhhh. she was trying to say UH - OH! stunned, i put down the broom & called ryan. how's that for first words...bye, bye & uh - oh. an adventure awaits us.


  1. She sure is a firecracker!! You are gonna have your hands full.

  2. The fun is just beginning. I love to hear them talk!

  3. Hunter still does this at 16 months old. hehe. I tell him it's not "uh-oh" if you drop it intentionally! LOL ;-)


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