Monday, April 7, 2008

10 months old

ten new things we love about you:

1. davis's wave (he holds one hand up in the air like he's giving a high five)
2. how berkley crinkles her nose & squints her eyes when she giggles
3. davis saying his first word, "uh-oh!"
4. berkley making the beginning sounds of words, "b" for book, "p" for puppy. (i realize this is only exciting to early childhood teachers)
5. davis playing ball with his daddy
6. berkley clapping & saying "aaaaaaa" for yeah
7. davis pulling himself up to sit & rocking on all fours
8. berkley belly laughing over a game of peek-a-boo
9. davis adoring his little sister
10. berkley adoring him back

okay, the last two are not "new things" but become more evident each day. no one else compares... they are the sweetest of friends.

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here's a pic from today. they are getting busy & therefore much harder to photograph


  1. Such cuties! Photographing the kids definately gets super hard once they start moving... all I ever get is the back of Noah's as he is running away! Gives me a workout now just trying to get a picture of him - chasing after him with the camera in hand!

  2. Avery and I were looking at your blog and she said, "who are those babies? They look the same age." I told her they were twins and they were both in their mommy's tummy at the same time, and they had the same birthday. She said, "oh yeah, and like four shrek babies growing in your tummy at the same time." There you go... it's all about cartoons.

  3. Hey girl-- It's allison from the twins club-- I just realized that I did meet you once before at Grace when we were all picking up our babies from the nursery. Looking forward to knowing you more!

  4. 10 months!! Can you believe it? The time has FLOWN!! I love your list. Jayden has a similar wave!

  5. Happy 10 months Davis and Berkley, where does the time go? And I love that they are the sweetest of friends, melts my heart!

  6. 4 shrek babies. i LOVE it, tyne! oh, the blog worthy stories you must have!!!


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