Saturday, April 5, 2008

happy birthday to mason!

the twins went to their first birthday party today. mason is one of their friends from angie's house. he is a doll...good looks with the personality to match. we are excited that they will all get to be together at angie's next year!
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mason & his big brother, owen. owen kindly finger fed mason the icing.
my friend & colleague, jenny, with davis's friend, grant! (grant also stays at angies house). grant & the twins were born just 4 days apart. jenny & i enjoyed waddling the hospital halls across from one another. i considered posting a picture of us in recovery together but quickly thought better of it. you can thank me later, jenny. :)

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  1. Mason is a cute little fella! Looks like Berk and Davis had a great time at their first birthday party! Not too much longer and it will be their turn too.


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