Wednesday, April 2, 2008

PT is magic

we had our first PT appointment today. what a blessing to learn exercises that will help the babies develop their gross motor skills. sherry, the PT, is wonderful. she makes it look so easy! who knew i would be intimidated by the activities... they really are harder than they appear. (especically when the babies aren't in the mood.)

sherry observed significant progress since their eval last week. today we worked on berkley shifting her weight (something she is not comfortable with). we worked on assisting davis from a laying to sitting position. we were shocked when after bath time tonight he sat up all by himself! once he discovered this new skill, he did it over & over again. his proud smile stretched from ear to ear as he threw his body back down...then up and down again. he sat up independently at least a dozen times. he was so excited that he actually peed on the bed. the session ended there but not without lots of cheering & clapping for our little d.


  1. YAY!! Go Davis. The peeing made me laugh out loud. Davis is so sweet, taken with his new skill. He'll be tearing around your house in no time. :) Have you babyproofed? :)

  2. Yipee for PT!! And go Davis! Why is it that boys always pee when they are excited, Drew does that all the time, but never Livi. Sounds like it will just be a few sessions and Davis and Berk are gonna take off!

    Thanks for the bday wishes, we actually had a friend come over and sit with the babies after they went to bed and we went out on a 'hot date' and drank a margarita for Sarah!!

  3. Yeah Davis! I can just picture his excitement and then the peeing of course. That is great news! Those two will be tearing around your house before you know it.


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