Saturday, May 3, 2008

behind closed doors

the babies have discovered the joy of one another's presence after we kiss them goodnight. here's a funny clip of what happens behind closed doors at bedtime.
(this was also the first time we saw berkley sit up on her own).

**before playing the video you will need to scroll to the bottom of this page & pause the music***

it's all fun & games until someone spots the camera :)


  1. I love the sound of little babies laughing. It is so precious. And the fact that Berk spotted the camera and her parents is too clever. She is obviously so, so smart!!

  2. Andrea: I LOVE it!!! Preslee and Mason do this all the time and I have never gotten it on video. You are an inspiration to me to do this. What a sweet sound, their laughter and go Berk for sitting up on her own.

  3. This is soooooo great!!! I just love it! What a sweet bond!!!

  4. aww, the joys of twins. This is awesome!! I was smiling the entire sweet!

  5. I love this clip! So funny that they entertain each other, and Berkley is awesome for sitting up on her own! More good times to follow, now that they can see each other across the room.

  6. oh andrea, what a special moment - don't you just wish you could be a fly on their wall every night?


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