Sunday, May 18, 2008

house guest

davis's favorite things in random order:

1. balls
2. dogs
3. berkley
4. daddy
5. mommy

lucky for him, we picked up a stray puppy this weekend. and by we, i mean, me. poor ryan puts up with this long standing habit. even as i child, i would drag lost dogs into my backyard. so on our way home saturday we spotted a dog laying on the side of a busy street. after a mini-lecture on how we would've wanted someone to do the same for trooper, ryan kindly loaded the pup into the back of the truck. the puppy enjoyed a bowl of food & a warm bed while davis enjoyed the pup.


we're not sure how to break the news to little d.
maybe we'll just buy him a new ball.


  1. Awww, I guess that's how that puppy got away from his original owners! That looked like a cocker spaniel - we have 2 of them!


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