Friday, June 13, 2008

1 year stats


davis is weighing in at 17.10
he's not yet on the charts but the doctor was pleased to see him paralleling the growth curve. he's just going to be our little string bean.

berkley weighs in at 19.12. she's in the 25% for weight & the 50% for height.

our sweet ones waiting in the lobby for the appointment

other milestones at one year:
* both have pulled up to stand. i missed seeing berkley stand up...i just happened to look up and see her standing at the coffee table. i spontaneously yelled, "oh my gosh!" causing her to fall right back down. maybe i'll keep my cool next time.
davis pulled up on the couch where i was sitting. just today he pulled to stand at the coffee table where we were playing.
surely my itty bitties are not toddlers now that they've turned one!

* berkley is crawling everywhere. she started out with very deliberate, slow movements & is quickly gaining speed & confidence.

* both babies still nap twice a day, unless protesting otherwise. they continue to sleep 12 hours at night. they have been partially weaning to whole milk.
(yippee for meetng my one year milestone of nursing twins!)

*they are signing the words "more" and "all done". they continue to mimick animal sounds, point to body parts & say the word "ball" 50 times a day. davis has started saying "mama"...the sweetest sound so far. :)

*both STILL hate their car seats on long rides/road trips. whoever said they outgrow this aversion was wrong. i'm hoping once they're in front facing seats, this will change. i see an SUV DVD player in our future.

berk is awake from her nap...i'll cut this one short.
ta ta!

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  1. Hey Andrea, I want you to know that I am sooooo proud of you! You are a great instrument of the Lord in the lives of so many people. You have loved your family so well and I just give thanks to the Lord for you. Way to go on nursing for a year (TWINS). What a fantastic accomplishment. God gives so much grace and strength, doesn't he?


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