Saturday, June 7, 2008

i blinked

i know you're not suppose to. but i did.

it feels like yesterday...
we watched your tiny bodies pulse with life, a mere flicker on a fuzzy, small screen. mommy cried as daddy held her hand. how could we have known who you would become?

just yesterday we were strapping a sound machine to mommy's growing belly in hopes of hearing you move. any slight thump made us giddy...our hearts growing more attached through these brief encounters.

just yesterday i felt you kick for the first time...each one became a reminder of the miracles you are.

just yesterday i rocked you in the nursery, reading stories & telling secrets, as i daydreamed of holding you for the first time.

just yesterday we feared you might be early. i pleaded and wept to the Lord. daddy was strong for the both of us. really, he was strong for the four of us. i suspect he always will be.

just yesterday i marked each day off the calendar, another day you fought to win. did you know you were victorious?

just yesterday we met you for the first time, tiny & perfect in every way. i laughed and cried all at once. i never knew that emotion before & still can't put words to it. nothing compares to meeting you.

just yesterday we stumbled through long days & even longer nights, hanging onto a thread of humor...sustained by the prayers & love of many. did you know how much love there was for you?

just yesterday we saw your first smiles, hung on every giggle, delighted in every newborn grunt.

just yesterday we watched you discover one another. and we too discovered how deep your companionship really was. what began in the dark, quiet shelter of my womb - just the two of you, became fully expressed in squeals of laughter, meant only for each other.

just yesterday you pumped your arms in excitement, reached out for us to hold you & laid your head down on our shoulder. yours are the best hugs.

today is a celebration of all our yesterdays together. we are so thankful to God, who has given us each of these... who gave us to one another & who alone can give us tomorrow. may there be countless of yesterdays to come.

we love you davis & berkley. happy first birthday.


stay tuned for more pictures


  1. Happy Birthday to those sweet babies of yours! Don't blink again b/c they will be a little boy and a little girl before you know it (Even though Reister's not yet 2 years old, he seems more like a little boy than a baby every day!)

  2. This was the sweetest tribute that I have ever read. Had to get my Kleenex. It is amazing how fast those yesterdays pass. I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined how wonderful being a mommy would be. Isn't it an awesome gift?

  3. Love love love the pics, I can't believe it's been a year either!!

    And just an fyi, your music at the bottom makes your page load REALLY slow over here.

  4. Happy Birthday Davis and Berkley, wish we were in CS to watch you grow. the whites

  5. So sweet, Andrea. Happy 1st Birthday to your Davis and Berkley!

    FYI, the 2nd year goes by even faster!


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