Wednesday, July 30, 2008

happy happenings...

i've taken dozens of pictures that i'll post soon but here's a quick run down of our latest events...

* berkley took her first steps!!!! i was singing itsy bitsy spider as she stood holding my hands. on a whim, i decided to let go of her hands to see what she would do. she stood without support for several seconds before taking 2 steps to me! i promptly called ryan who was already on his way home. she did it over & over again! she took up to 5 steps on her own. way to go, berkley!i will post video soon of this very exciting milestone

* both babies are fully weaned as of today. they discovered they were ready to drop their last feeding when i was in Florida. they are also bottle free & adjusted to sippie cups.

* we are off to a family reunion tomorrow & moving into our new house on monday! we are thankful for our temporary housing but look forward to settling into our new home!

* more to come...

1 comment:

  1. Yeah Berk! You are a big girl now! So proud of you.


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