Sunday, August 31, 2008

august in a nutshell

i started posting last night and fell asleep! (tyne, i loved your post!)

with moving, painting & starting back at work, august has been a whirl wind on for more.

a dear old friend, lauren, came for a visit

the babies went easy on her


  1. Andrea, is this a funny joke? I know that your August wasn't this boring... Just kidding. Miss you friend- and miss seeing those babies!

  2. Oh, I miss Lauren. Will you please tell her that I said, "hi." And will you send me her email address when you get a chance?

  3. Good to see you back! I know how hectic moving is with little ones. Davis and Berkley look so much older from just the last pictures you posted. Hold onto them tightly...walking today, kindergarten tomorrow :)

  4. tyne..i'll pm it to you...she's also on facebook if you have an account.

    are you showing yet????


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