Tuesday, October 28, 2008

99 Balloons

wow. that's really all i can say. wow. watch the video to be humbled, touched, overwhelmed, grateful, and amazed. wow. (first, you will need to pause the music on the middle left side of the screen to hear the video).

little life. Big God. check out eliot's blog here


  1. Sob! How very kind our Lord is. Thank you for sharing this. My friend, Christina, sent her sweet daughter to be with the Lord on Tuesday, so this really spoke to my heart.

  2. Andrea!

    thanks for leaving a comment on the blog. Sorry you had to visit on one of my days where I wrote about something "serious." I have been visiting your blog for months and was kinda embarassed to say anything for a while. Davis and Berkeley are precious and they are just a little bit older than Summer so it is fun to watch them develop. I will keep checking your blog... it is so fun to keep in touch this way.


  3. Hi Andrea,
    I just wanted to say how sweet your babies are! You have a wonderful website. It seems like you are really enjoying motherhood. I'm so glad you guys are doing well. Hopefully I'll see you at GBC or MOTC sometime soon.
    take care,
    Amy Harrell


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