Sunday, October 19, 2008

what a picture calls to mind

as i was uploading the 600 plus pictures from multiple memory cards tonight i ran across this picture. pictured is me, the VERY pregnant woman in the middle of two good friends, heather & lisa. this photo triggered a flood of memories as i reflected on all the emotions & uncertainty of standing on the brink of motherhood. my role as mommy mostly consisting of anxious prayers & multiple trips to the bathroom. i could not have known, sitting that night on lisa's floor, the joy that awaited much more there would be to motherhood. as for the anxious prayers & trips to the bathroom, i'm not sure how much that changes over time...but motherhood sure has. each day grows me just a bit more as a mommy. thank you, Lord, for the tremendous privilege it is to mother davis & berkley. please give me grace & wisdom to do this job well.


  1. isn't it WILD to look back on yourself pre-kids? I have similar moments....I never knew how much joy and love could fill my life..or how much sleep deprivation and exhaustion. ha ha.

  2. You must have read my mind. I just came across a picture of me 26weeks pregnant with the girls and on just the beginning of my 6 weeks of bedrest. I am now 26 weeks pregnant with Finley and when I look back, I like you, have to thank God for the awesome blessing and responsibility of being a Mommy. Things have changed so much since then. We were so naive weren't we? How could we have ever known how amazing our little ones would be?


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