Friday, November 7, 2008

happy 17 months!

surely my babies are not weeks away from being one and a half years old! i was looking back through pictures the other day trying to pull up the memories...the silly sounds & new expressions, the wonderful qualities that already distinguished them from one another. i made a vow at that moment to video tape more often because sometimes photographs just don't capture enough. davis & berkley are growing up right before my eyes. i swore i wouldn't be another victim...asking where the time went, telling others not to blink, that it will all be a blur soon enough. well, here i am, a puzzled mommy hanging on to each fleeting moment before they slip away.

the babies continue to amaze us as they learn & discover the world around them. davis is all boy & enjoys climbing, wrestling & being silly. his mischievous smiles are priceless. his favorite things include puppies, balls, trucks, tractors & trains. davis is currently in a mommy phase. even ryan is "mama" to him. berkley has grown to love affection, spontaneously giving kisses, hugs & cuddles all day long. she seems to have her daddy's gift of mercy too. she will bring toys or pacifiers to davis when he is crying & gently rub his back. she also seems to have her mommy's passion (not necessarily a gift) and feels all things deeply.

among the many new things they are doing, talking is one of the most exciting. they are saying new words by the minute. in typical girl/boy fashion, berkley is highly verbal while davis is more physical. here is a list of words they have said. (feel free to stop reading here...this is mostly for record keeping).

1. bye bye
2. uh-oh
3. ball
4. baby
5. mama
6. dada
7. flower
8. star
9. duck
10. bug
11. more
12. amen
13. gi-gi
14. jack (gi-gi's dog)
15. papa
16. mimi
17. cracker
18. milk
19. truck
20. choo-choo
21. car
22. bubba
23. shoes
24. cookie
25. bow
26. yuck
27. walk
28. key
29. water
30. bath
31. wow
32. hello
33. hi
34. ya
35. eat
36. book
37. thank you
38. airplane
39. elbow
40. eye
41. ouchie

that's all that come to mind at the moment.... happy 17 months, davis & berkley!

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