Tuesday, December 30, 2008


...the number of hours that davis slept yesterday. his surgery began at 8:20 am and since then he was asleep for all but half an hour here or there. he is recovering well & we appreciate all the phone calls, emails & well wishes you have sent our way. for those who didn't know, davis had surgery for a hernia & a testicle that never descended. thankfully, he loves to be held which makes him an A plus patient! with the exception of saying an occasional "ouchie, t.t." he is doing great! thanks again for all of your prayers & love.


  1. ummm....yeah...had no idea!!! glad he is doing well :)

  2. aww, poor little davis! glad to hear he is recovering well though!

  3. I had no idea Davis was going in for surgery...but I am so glad that he is doing well!! And 21 hours of sleep...that sounds great right about now!

  4. We had no idea that Davis was having a surgery. We'll certainly pray now for him to be completely well. Praise God for modern medicine and the ability to do surgery on one so small. What a blessing!

  5. Andrea:

    Let us know if the group can do anything for your family. Please keep us posted.

    Kelly Heslip


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