Friday, December 12, 2008

texas snowman

our texas snowman

here it is in context

and here is what davis thought of him the next day


  1. And I thought everything is bigger in Texas ;)

    Glad the twinks got to experience snow, we are seasoned vets around here already although we haven't braved the cold to go build a snowman yet!

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  3. It's impossible to look at those pictures and not smile with him. Absolutely precious!

    (PS. I deleted the previous comment because I was signed in under the wrong name. Sorry!)

  4. These pictures crack me up! The tiny snowman and then Davis just thinking it was so hilarious! Such joy!

  5. This picture is SO funny! Last year we moved from the North to the South, and we miss the "real" snow we used to get.

    Your kids just get cuter and cuter!

    joannabug--from twinstuff


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