Thursday, January 8, 2009

19 months


you know where this is headed. i'll spare you another rambling post from a bewildered mom & just say that the days slip away before i can begin to recall them.

if God has taught me something about parenthood it is to rejoice in it. every minute of every day, including every almost-2-year-old-toddler moment. great theory, you say. and i would agree that it is one of the greatest challenges to put into practice. (especially after 3 days of clingy, post-op names mentioned.:)
yet i am reminded that my life is a mere vapor & my time to love & lead my children is even more brief. God give me the wisdom to love & lead them invest richly in their little hearts. Continue to teach me what it means to rejoice in each day & be glad in it!

Psalm 144
1 Blessed be the LORD, my rock...
My lovingkindness and my fortress,
My stronghold and my deliverer,
My shield in whom I take refuge,

3 O LORD, what is man, that You take knowledge of him?
Or the son of man, that You think of him?

4 Man is like a mere breath;
His days are like a passing shadow.

let us embrace each day of this passing shadow called life!

now onto all the brilliant things they are learning and doing... :)

i missed their 18 month update which would have noted that davis is officially on the growth chart!!! he has made it to the 10th percentile. (i swear he has a hollow leg because that boy can eat!) berkley was in the 75th percentile.

in the last month they have taken off developmentally. they are talking more each day, even using 2 or 3 word utterances (i like to think they are sentences.). berkley has also discovered the word no & uses it in context quite often. (ann, remember when you thought it was surprising they were not saying "no" at 16 months? well, she is making up for it. :) angie called me at work just today to tell me about a conversation they had.

setting: angie's house (note that the other 4 children are sleeping soundly at nap time)

angie: berkley, in a minute gi-gi is going to put you down & you are going to take a nice long nap.

berkley: noooooo (with a strong accent that sounds more like nnnyyyyoooooooo)

or there was last night...

me: berkly, time to take a bath (while chasing her bare bottom around the house before she peed on the floor)

berkley: "nnnyyyyoooo, nnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooo!! " (running & hiding)

** embracing, embracing, this is me embracing! **
it's actually quite cute but i do conceal my laughter when she is protesting.

one of their favorite expressions is "oh no!" & "where is ____ fill in the blank". daddy, mommy, bubba, papa, shoe or any other inanimate object they know how to say. they also love to respond to any question with "i unyow" (i don't know) while shrugging their shoulders.

they both LOVE to dance. they move to any beat & often hold hands to dance with one another. while berkley & i were shopping at Pottery Barn she stopped in the middle of the store, raised up her arms & started dancing to the music. party girl. wonder where she got that from?

while continuing to grow in their special friendship they have also been learning the great skill of sharing. (christmas morning was a crash course). for the most part they take great care for each other. it is a mighty privilege to be party to their bond.

we are unbelievably grateful for these 2 little people who teach us more about what living really means.

happy 19 months sweet ones.


  1. That age is so cute and you are right to try and embrace each day.

  2. Happy 19 months Davis and Berk! And Happy 19 months to you Andrea and Ryan. Andrea, the Lord is still working me over on that last post- it was awesome. Love you!

  3. right there with you....Ryann's favorite word is nooooo. (usually dramatic and an European accent)
    Your babies are precious and it is evident that you are such a good MOM.Thanks so much for sharing your open, honest heart on that last post as well...

  4. Great verses. Thank you for posting them. No turns into, I do it myself. Savor no :)

  5. Your kids are so incredibly cute! Thanks for sharing the sweet things they do and say. They're sure growing quickly!!


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