Friday, January 23, 2009


for my birthday this week ryan & i were able to enjoy a wonderful italian dinner at my favorite restaurant, cafe capri. not much to say about 31...except that i'm now officially "in my thirties". not nearly as scary as i dreamt it would be as a fresh faced 20 something. :) thanks to my team for the wonderful gift card & thanks to ryan, whose company is always a gift. 32, here i come!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday, Andrea! I hope you have a wonderful year.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Thank you for letting me know that the 30's arent so bad-I will be joining you soon. Glad to hear it was great.

  3. Happy Birthday, Drake and I were talking about you just yesterday, we were talking about how he learned his manners from you. I get told he has great manners,(guess I had nothing to do with it). He is so funny, he still remembers every little thing about Head Start. That shows how great of a teacher you are. Miss you.


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