Saturday, February 21, 2009

ooey gooey fun

this friday was ooey gooey day for my class. i believe 4-year-olds should get to play like 4-year-olds, which means having a bunch of (messy) fun! in case you are horrified by the following pictures, click here to learn more about the importance of sensory integration for young children.

simple flour mixed in with rice is hours of fun

this face says it all

one of the greatest, easiest ways to let children explore their senses (glue + shaving cream and a little paint or food coloring)

cooked oatmeal combined with baby oil is veeerrrry slippery

a student teacher getting inducted (hazed) with spaghetti

davis & berkley enjoyed the sand box and exploring the rock salts

starbucks gives their used coffee grinds away ...
a wonderful smelling sensory activity

you can never go wrong with shaving cream

haven't we all dreamed of swimming in noodles
(okay, maybe chocolate pudding)

it's great getting to be a kid!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wow you are brave!! It really looks like fun :)

  3. I love it! The weather has been gorgeous here lately... If I had more energy I would get some of this going in our backyard. Maybe after the baby comes...

  4. I love this! Can I fly you to NYC to do a "sensory workshop" for my co-workers?

  5. Hey Andrea... I saw read this post and thought of you... you are on the brink of potty training (will be here soon) and this was a great synopsis of some things that work really well.

  6. thanks tyner..will check it out.


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