Monday, March 23, 2009

not me! monday

before i begin telling you all the things i was not guilty of this week...please take a moment to pray for MckMama and baby stellan (4 months old). you can click on her name to follow his progress but it is quite serious. thank you for lifting them up.

so...while driving to austin last thursday, i was definitely not speeding. i was not speeding because everyone knows that driving 10 miles over the limit is an unspoken, universal rule. i was also not speeding because i obey all traffic laws at all times. i have never asked ryan to pull the car over so that i can drive instead because i never have trouble going the actual speed limit.

after getting pulled over i did not immediately draw attention to the two babies sitting in the backseat so that the police officer would perhaps feel sorry for me... as far as he knew, the overwhelmed mother of two toddlers. the babies were not sitting ever so calmly, so i was in no way hoping they would lose their minds in a tearful fit of hysteria just as the officer approached the car.

after handing him my drivers license his first question was not about whether my address was current. my address was definitely not wrong, since we moved a mere 7 months ago. he did not inform me that i actually had 60 days to submit the change of address to the DMV.

he did not proceed to tell me that my registration sticker had also recently expired. i did not respond with, "oh, that's perfect".

nothing else could go wrong, and it certainly didn't. i did not hand him an expired insurance card because we would never forget the updated cards in ryan's truck, safely parked in the driveway of our 7 month old new address. why would one forget to update the cards, since they don't send you a new one every other month.

while the officer went back to his car, i was not texting my friend, sarah, who does not have the best of luck when it comes to law enforcement officials. she was not pulled over twice by the same cop in a matter of weeks. she also was not given a simple warning....TWICE. i was in no way, not at all wishing that sarah was in the car with me.

also, while not waiting for a thousand dollar ticket, i was not angry at the police officer for holding me accountable. i did not actually call him a "dork wad" while venting to ryan about how i never get a simple warning.

finally, the officer did not return to tell me that he would dismiss all violations, so long as i update my vehicle registration within 10 business days. that's right.... i did not get my first & record breaking warning in driving history. no, sir, NOT me!!!

ps.... i am so not going to hear from my mom on this one...since she does not work in the automobile accident/ engineering field. :)


  1. Pretty new blog! I like the three column thing. I am glad that you got out of that ticket- could have been a whopper! Oh, and thanks for putting up my button...

  2. That's hilarious, I told u that 10 miles over the speed limit was not an unspoken universal rule!!
    hahaha...I bet Ryan was laughing!


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