Tuesday, May 19, 2009

life is better when we're together

this picture perfectly captures the twinks. just this sunday a nursery worker expressed how much she enjoyed watching them pal around together, hardly leaving the other's side.

not sure how much you've read about birth order but berkley has quite easily slipped into an older-sibling role. she takes note of davis's whereabouts, summoning him when she feels he's too far out of sight. "bubba, bubba!!!" she yells from the other room. just checking, she nods. she barks at him when he's done something against her will. she calms him with a back rub when nothing and no one else will do.

davis was having a toddler moment the other day. in an effort to problem solve, she raised her hands and with a sing-song tone asked him, "nack (snack?), mommy?, daddy?, play? eat?". she wanted so badly to help identify and meet his needs.

it is a true gift to witness and nurture their sweet friendship. thank you, Lord, for how you teach us through their little lives.


  1. So sweet!! I hope Bailey and Bennett share that same bond that your twinks have. Love the pics--keep them coming. They are getting so big, aren't they? Can you believe our babies are almost TWO?

  2. Precious story everytime I read it. Berkley has a tender heart! What a doll!


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