Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sea world!

we spent memorial day weekend with 5 other families in san antonio. chaotic? one would think. it was the calmest vacation we could have taken. no hours of waiting in long lines, no major meltdowns, no trips to the local ER. everyone had a really great time. the adults even got to enjoy a few rollar coaster rides! grab your popcorn and enjoy the show.

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  1. Hey There! Though I know you are a super busy woman, I was wondering if you could help me figure something out. I love to see the picture collages that you make with Photo Bucket and have attempted to make a few myself. I realize that I am not all that computer savy but I am surprised at how much trouble I am having to get them onto my blog. Could you maybe point out your secrets or suggest something I could be doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Katriana

    **we missed yall at Sea World by 5 days! It would have been sooooo cool to see you guys there! Though we do not personally know each other, I am often motivated and moved by your beautiful posts. Your twinks are *precious* and such a joy to see!


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