Monday, August 24, 2009

off to school

here are some pictures from davis and berkley's first day at their new school. they've been at gigi's house since they were 9 weeks old, so it has been an interesting transition. thankfully, the twinks have done great! they seem to really enjoy themselves, are napping without pacifiers and going to the potty!

berkley said, "cheese, tree"...translation: smile by the tree

they were so, not so much!

checking out the scene

they walked right in like they own the place.


  1. what?!!? school!??! they start them early down there in Texas. :) I cannot believe how big our kiddos are getting. where oh where did the time go????

  2. I'm obsessed with your kids. They are the most adorable twins ever.

  3. Wow! I cant believe they are already going to school. Time flew! LOVE their backpacks!


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