Monday, October 12, 2009

multitude monday

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fall is here, at least for a few days anyway...the sight of pumpkins and smell of spiced lattes remind me of why this is my favorite time of the year. so many things to love and give thanks for as we move each day closer to the season of Advent.

and so begins my one thousand gifts challenge. i love lists, especially marking each item off, one by one- giving a sense of productivity... as if being productive is of utmost importance.

insert tangent here: ryan and i did manage to clean our hazardous waste zone this weekend (otherwise known as a garage) - scratching it off the list a mere 14 months later

back to the multitude... when i think about the people in my life that exude joy and contentment, they all possess a spirit of thankfulness. gossip and complaining are quite difficult to do if i am giving thanks. judging the behaviors or intent of others is near impossible if i am instead thankful for them.

how easily we thank God for our family, friends, and material comforts. but do i notice Him in the smaller things of life? why are certain things less praiseworthy ... is He not the Creator of all things, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible? (colossians 1:16)

here is to a thousand gifts & a thankful heart....

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holy experience

0001-0003 ... these three are at the top of my list

0004... and drizzly days wrapped in fuzzy blankets

0005...big hugs from little people

0006... and stealing away quiet moments together


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