Monday, December 7, 2009

multitude monday

holy experience

gratitude grows
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0078... some of our youth impact students caroling at our house

0079...berkley & davis hearing the good news of Great Joy...luke 2:10

0080...preparing our hearts & home for worship

0081...little fingers passing over treasured ornaments.

0082...that ornaments hold a story... some rich with memories brave husband who practically repelled the rooftop & risked his life, thereby perfecting the art of light stringing

0084...for Ace Hardware, the only store in town with white C-9 bulbs! greyson's little life

0086...his mommy & daddy
0087...their boys, whose names are frequently requested at our house

0088...smash cakes & how 1-year-olds are unsure what to do with them

0089...first encounters with santa

until now i have avoided the obligatory first santa trip (and resulting horrified photographs)

check out berkley's expression. davis wouldn't come close...jackson was a comforting substitute.

0090-0091...decorating cookies & licking utensils

0092...peppermint kisses

0093-0094... nature walks & signs of the season

0095...children in search of the perfect tree

0096...the magic of discovering one

0097... and "cutting it down"

0098...that they will never know it was really from Walmart

0099...taking joy in the simple

0100...the twink's half birthday today. i cannot believe how quickly they're making their way to three!

will you count with me this season?

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  1. *smile* I love you and rejoice with you for all the things you give thanks for!


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