Tuesday, October 12, 2010

pumpkins – part 1 of who knows how many

remember when i said there were pumpkins galore? i wasn’t joking. in fact, i took so many pumpkin pictures this weekend that i had a decision to make.

i could either post only a few, so as not to seem like “that mom/blogger/wannabephotographer” or i could throw caution to the wind …because this is after all my life with twins, documented mostly through a memory-making lens.

to avoid having the longest pumpkin patch post in the history of bloggyworld, i will post a few pics a day.

because i can & because, let’s face it- i am that girl.

and because i am convinced the subjects might be the cutest to ever wander through a patch of pumpkins or roll in mounds of hay.

berklayinginhay davis4


twinks2berkpeeking davis15 twinks4


  1. You are not a "wannabe" photographer!!! You are good!!!

  2. Those are GREAT pictures, I loved looking at them!


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