Sunday, January 30, 2011

i’ve missed you, bloggyland!

there is something cathartic about the sound of my thoughts tapping against the keyboard. and you know it has been too long when you are greeted by a christmas playlist upon your return.

since my last post: the holidays came and went, i accepted a new job, a new wardrobe and a new dog. last weekend i helped direct a women’s conference, this morning i boarded a plane home from savannah, GA and tonight i watched a lightening storm, built a tent & turned the tiny pages of a dozen other adventures with my 6 foot tall almost-four but hold-on-as-long-as-you-can-three year olds.

so there you have it. the abbreviated version.

and a new playlist.

no more humming to the tune of o holy night when you drop in.

drop in again soon. we’ll be here.     


  1. allie, my faithful reader! shouldn't you be updating your own oh-so-fun blog too! yep, a dog! he is in dallas right now but we are going to pick him up in the next week or so. post pics soon!


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