Tuesday, March 15, 2011

spring break!

one of the many perks of my new job is keeping a school schedule…which means i am enjoying Spring Break with the fam.

sort of

just hours into a girls weekend celebrating erin’s sweet baby, katherine (due next month) i received a text from ryan.

it went something like this.

and by something like this i quote:

wow. vomit and poopfest 2011!

the rotavirus slipped in just as i slipped out… my super hunky husband left in the piles of every kind of unmentionable.

evidence of his daddy skills.

berk sick    you’re right- he IS amazing.

and then there is big boy (who slept until 1:45 pm!) if you’re counting, that’s over 16 hours of sleep.sick d

he woke up just in time for his doctor’s appointment, which went well …for those of you who were praying (BIG thanks!)

no dehydration… just a pitiless virus that lasts 3-5 days.

we are slowly on the mend…and this might be just what we needed to steady our lives a bit and slow down. after one of our busiest seasons of life and ministry, there is nothing like being smacked down by sickness. nothing except for the snuggles.

those feverish, my body hurts and i just want my mommy or daddy snuggles.

i’m a big fan. 

plus, my toilets are clean for the first time since who knows when.

not such a fan but duty calls right.

back to where i started…here is the single picture i captured of our baby celebration “weekend”. we have 20 plus years of history together so they probably look familiar to you.

(my spring break playlist is in honor of them…and the memories associated with some of these songs… songs we belted… windows down, driving well over the speed limit… long before gas prices were 3.50 a gallon)


and just to prove it…here we are in the EXACT same order…

anna, erin, andrea & alexisbeach2this was Spring Break of our sophomore year at a beach house in galveston…

yep. that’s 17 years ago to the week, folks.  we were 16 years old & it’s been 17 years since. if i let myself think long and hard about this i could get mildly depressed.

instead, i’ll embrace the decades full of memories & look forward to many more!

but first i need to go throw in another load of rotavirus laundry.

happy spring break!


  1. Oh my goodness! So sweet! What a good daddy! And what a good bunch of friends! Precious!!!

  2. YAY for for good husbands!! And BOO for the rotavirus!
    Glad to know y'all are on the mends.


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