Friday, December 7, 2007

6 months old!

it's unbelievable to me that davis & berkley are already half a year old! during those first weeks, EVERYONE told us that it would fly by. many of you, my dear mommy friends, described it as a "blur". you were right! while out on a field trip with my class i befriended several new moms. they carried their cozy babies around in slings. their precious ones, much like doodle bugs... rolled up in what appeared to be an uncomfortable position. nostalgia swept over me as i remembered those first days. i could fold my babies in half & they'd still be too big for my sling now. i do remember them being small but not what they felt like in my arms, so tiny & fragile. i fear that this is the beginning of starting to forget. forgetting the smells, sights & sensations of life with two newborns. may it not be so! i reflect on the last 6 months with immense gratitude. yet, i anticipate more love, more laughter & even greater thrills as i continue in this journey of parenthood. thank you, LORD, for each day with davis & berkley. may we live them fully.

6 weeks old
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6 months old
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  1. I love your description of "starting to forget". I feel like that sometimes too and I hate that feeling. Wish we could bottle it for all those days we are feeling nostalgic. I can promise you that so much laughter and happiness is headed your way in the next 6 months!!!


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