Sunday, December 2, 2007

before i forget

since this blog serves as a modern day scrapbook i feel compelled to take note of everything baby that makes me smile.

my latest delights:

** while i'm burping berkley over my shoulder she begins to hum loudly. she has discovered the broken sound of her voice as i am patting her back. when i stop patting her, she stops humming. it's a silly little game we like to play... one that i will have to capture on film before she forgets how funny she is!

** davis has started squealing/ yelling this weekend. ryan & i couldn't decide if he was upset at first. but we noticed the squeals are accompanied by smiles with his arms waving frantically. we quickly learned that he simply enjoys the new & loud sounds coming out of his body. he seems impressed & sometimes even surprised by himself. it's too cute, for now anyway!


  1. I can just picture sweet little Berkely humming. That is precious! I love the squealing! Preslee and Mason squeal all the time. While they are playing, at each other from their cribs, in the stores, car, anywhere. They love it!

  2. Wait until you're in wal-mart like I was the other day and they squeal all the way down EVERY aisle. People were staring, but I just kept right on going.
    I love to hear all your thoughts on the twins, it reminds me I need to write more down about Preston b/c he does such similar things as your two!


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