Tuesday, December 25, 2007

caution...depressing post ahead

long, sad day here...the one we've been dreading, yet trying to prepare for. trooper died this afternoon. we were on our way to visit with him at the clinic when he went into cardiac arrest. his white blood cell count was too low to handle the infection so his body went into shock. we are beyond heartsick but thankful he did not suffer long. we "see" him around every corner, circling the trees & waiting at the door. it will be a while before his absence is fully realized. in the mean time...thank you for praying for us. a special thanks to all of you who loved him like he was your own.

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  1. Andrea- I am so sorry and grieve with you and Ryan the loss of Trooper. We'll be praying you through this time and know that Trooper is in his eternal home resting with His creator.

    The Pascua's


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