Friday, March 7, 2008

9 months old

i just can't believe it. today we celebrate 9 months of life with our two favorite people.

sweet davis... i love your sense of adventure. nothing is too big or too simple for you. your curiosity is limitless, your energy familiar! you view everything with a sense of determination, something to be explored. you are 100% boy! your contented disposition is delightful. your crooked smile is priceless. and your hugs... completely disarming. i love that we are your safe place. when you are apprehensive, you wrap your arms around us & rest your head. may we always be a safe place in your life. and oh, how you love your sister. no one makes you smile like she does. instinctively you reach for her, anxious to make contact in some way. sometimes you stare at her long enough to get her attention. and then you smile, because you know she will smile too. may you always be a source of joy to one another. girl. you love life & don't miss a beat of it. you laugh at simple things...the splashing of water in the bathtub, the clicking of a toy or the first sight of your daddy after school. you love playing games with him. your playful anticipation reminds us of our youth. you teach us to enjoy the small, simple view life through the eyes of a child. your flirtatious grins & high pitched babbles melt my heart. your first words "bye bye" break it. :) you adore your brother...just the sight of him makes you giggle. you are 100% girl. you love shopping with mommy, singing the itsy bitsy spider & tasting new food! you know what you want & when you want it (another familiar trait). i love your wild streak. you are full of life & a true treasure.

happy birthday sweet babies. you have made our lives rich.


  1. Andrea: I love all the things that you wrote about Berk and Davis. It's so hard to believe that 9 months has passed since they were born. Time does fly doesn't it? I know you were so nervous in the beginning about being a twin mommy, but I want to tell you, you are truly an amazing mommy! It has gotten easier and oh so much fun! You are so much like me. Everything our sweet babies do just amazes me. God has truly blessed both of our families.

  2. Things like this make pregnant people cry. :)

  3. Andrea, how deep a mother's love for her babies. These two precious ones clearly add so much joy to your life as you add to theirs. God bless and continually enrich these relationships and your whole family!


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