Tuesday, April 1, 2008

april fools

i am not creative enough to pull a good prank, but i'd love to hear yours! anyone willing to share their devious plans for the day?

on another note, i CANNOT believe it is april. i think we can officially kiss spring goodbye in TX. it's muggy, in the mid-80s & on the rise. summer swim pass, here we come!

other news...berkley had 3 upper teeth break through this weekend. she's such a giggly girl, you wouldn't have even known it. davis, our typically contented boy, has been asserting himself in the form of tantrums. (we think berkley has been giving private lessons since she perfected these fits around 7 months old.) my friend shannon loaned me a book that i am presently pouring myself over. i just love the emphasis on moral training & shepherding a child's heart as early as pre-toddlerhood. thanks shannon for the good read & for your example of loving discipline.

finally, we begin PT tomorrow & are looking forward to it. stay tuned for details.


  1. Nah, I don't know ANYONE that would be devious enough to pull off an April Fools Joke, especially on a blog ;)

    Yipee for Berk's teeth and Davis' PT!

  2. I need the book, we have the beginning of some willful personalities in our household :) :)


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