Saturday, March 29, 2008

3 Cheers for Early Intervention

update on ECI ...both babies qualify for services in the area of gross/large motor. they should be bearing more weight on their legs, as i suspected. the PT (physical therapist) would also like to see them pulling up into a sitting position from laying down, as well as making progress toward getting up on all fours. as far as my concern over low muscle tone, davis is weaker in some areas (his neck & trunk) but does not necessarily have low muscle tone. this explains why his posture is slouched & why berkley sits completely erect! as suspected, he does have sensory aversions & is therefore not putting much pressure on his feet. this contributes to the weight bearing issue. he especially dislikes the feel of grass! the OT (occupational therapist) will be working on desensitization with him. a dietician will also be addressng his weight by advising us on his diet & how to increase calories. although they are functioning on a 7 month level in the area of gross/large motor...they are on track for fine motor. we were also thankful to learn they both scored in the 12 month range for cognitive & social competencies! go davis & berkley!!

a PT will be working with them twice a month. they will also receive developmental services twice a month. we are waiting to know how often our visits with the OT & dietician will be.

it was nice to have their delays identified & my concerns validated. the PT told us that hypothetically, had we not called, they would have developed their own methods for getting around. we would have had to break bad habits later (usually around 18 months or older) which is more difficult. we are so thankful for early intervention!

just a plug before i go... if you should ever have any concerns (big or small) for your little one, i encourage you to contact your local early intervention agency. the service is free & the resources are abundant. i believe it is one of the greatst ways we can advocate for young children.


  1. You are so right! Berk and Davis are so lucky to have such loving and attentive parents as you and Ryan.

  2. I'm sending you an e-mail right now! ;) Oh, and the Easter pic with the babes in the basket is adorable!!!

  3. SO glad you guys have some answers!!! And way to go Davis and Berk on the social and cognitive stuff!! :)

  4. How wonderful to have a plan of attack! I think we'll be looking up the Austin area early intervention for Hunter's delayed speech in May (although he has really shown a greater interest in communicating just this past week!)

  5. Yipee for EI!! Drew has a PT appt coming up in a few weeks for his head tilt, so I may be picking your brain!!

  6. Hi! I think we have the same babies! Mine were born on June 17 and are having the same developmental issues as yours. One of mine refused solids for 2 months and we eventually ruled out texture aversion for based on that, but after reading your post, I'm concerned that it still may be an issue b/c when you try to make him "stand" he refuses to put his toes down! Is there any way you can email me about how EI came to the conclusion that he had a texture aversion? Is it in any way related to his weight issues? Caleb has also fallen lower on the growth chart for weight. My address is Thank you! You have beautiful babies!


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