Monday, July 7, 2008

13 months old

i have a sneaking suspicion the second year goes much faster than the first! the babies are 13 months old today. in the last month, they have developed many new & exciting skills.

* both davis & berkley are pulling up & cruising all over the place. (berkley started just this week!)
* both have started taking a few steps behind their walker/ push toy
* berkley LOVES to practice walking with her mommy & daddy. she'll crawl over, reach her arms up and say "galk" (walk). her proud expression is priceless. won't be long now.
* davis & berkley give high fives & kisses on command
* they both make animal sounds for monkey, puppy, elephant, fish, bear & cow
* davis started saying ball with a "b" instead of "Da!"
* they are down to nursing only once a day (when they wake up).
* last week berkley weighed 21.2 & davis was 19.2 pounds!

*almost forgot... berkley & davis each had 3 teeth pop in over a single day!
poor davis was completely out of sorts during a visit with my friend, lisa, last week. my patience was ...well, let's be honest - there was none. i knew he had a tooth coming in on the bottom but low & behold i found 2 molars up top! i had no idea they were there. poor buddy. he's up to 10 teeth now while berkley has 8.

they love to crawl up into their baby bouncers. until recently they had never really been used. the babies didn't care for the bouncers when they were itty bitty... they were partial to the papasan swing.


  1. Oh Andrea, it goes so stinkin' fast! You are not going to believe it... They are darling.

  2. Such cute pictures, their outfits match the bouncy seat!!

    I can't believe how fast time goes, your twinnies are 13 months and we are getting ready to start thinking about a 1st birthday party over here!

  3. Yes I have the same sneaking suspicion!! :) Its going by SO fast these days.


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