Sunday, March 8, 2009

21 months old

21 things to love about the twinks

1. those 3 little words "i wa wa!" (i love you)
2. how they throw their arms open wide and run to you for hugs
3. when they see sun glasses they say "oool dooooo" for cool dude!
4. lots of laughter filling the walls
5. davis walking on his tip toes causing his tiny bum to waddle like a duck, his round belly leading the way
6. berkley running everywhere she goes. maybe quite clumsily & almost always with skinned knees... the girl loves to run.
7. hand picked flowers for mommy
8. the way they say my longer mama but MOM-MY, MOM-MY!
9. how they instinctively give gentle touches after hitting one another. they also include sound effects, "aaawwww".
lots of practice pays off!
10. how they spontaneously give one another hugs and kisses
11. berkley singing "if you're happy and you know it"
12. davis's love for all things boy:
footballs, bugs, tractors and scaling anything possible the walls
13. hide and seek fun
14. that they call the playground (slides, swings, etc) a "weeeeee"
15. bed time routines of books, prayers and snuggles
16. still watching them as they sleep,
even though they take up most of the mattress now
17. waking up to the sounds of their giggles as they chatter from crib to crib
18. their distinct & glorious personalities... we have a wonderful Creator!
19. the curiosity & joy through which they see the world...
down to the tiniest doodle bug
20. how they smile with their eyes
21. that they grow me every day as a mother.
i only get one shot at it... Lord, help me to do this job well.

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