Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of july festivities

meeting friends for a photography tutorial in just a bit but have time for a quick sneak peak. we had a wonderful weekend with friends, cooling off in the guadalupe river, feeding dolphins, splashing at the sea world water park, and much more! thanks to our sweet friends, tim & rachel, for a super fun fourth of july weekend!

ps... one month has already passed since the twinks turned two. slow it down already! i am also happy to report that i am graduating from potty talk now that BOTH babies are officially trained & accident free, for the most part. (praise the LORD!) who knew how many conversations about bodily waste could be had?


  1. WHAT??? Tell me your secret! McClaine is still in diapers!

  2. I'm super impressed about both kiddos being potty trained already! You look beautiful, as always, Adrea.


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