Sunday, August 9, 2009

count em.... 1,2,3,4,5,6, SEVEN!

i'm alive...and shamefully attempting to update our blog after a month long hiatus. to be honest, i have just enjoyed every minute of my summer time with the twinks (minus the potty training ones), leaving very little time left to upload, edit and post to the blog. so i'll attempt to catch you up in the form of pictures (which are far easier to share on facebook, by the case you too are a FB addict)

on july 13th ryan and i celebrated our 7th anniversary. it's hard to believe we have already been married 7 years! not sure what this "itch" is that everyone keeps referring to and i pray we never suffer from it! every year we come up with 3 words to describe our marriage that year. for me, this last year was refreshing, humbling and fun! i feel refreshed as God continues to grow us both independently and together as husband and wife/ father and mother.... i feel humbled as we explore the learning curve of young parenting. finally, i've had lots of fun despite our stumbling through most of the process together.

i am beyond grateful to the Lord for the gift of ryan's love, service, friendship and leadership..

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