Saturday, September 19, 2009

puppy love

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no, we didn't buy a new puppy. we're not quite ready for one but what a day that will be since the twinks madly adore dogs. berkley has become quite a fan of pretend play... only instead of pretending to cook or clean or change her babies like she use to, she is a puppy. this means crawling on all fours and panting loudly.... like today in Target. i had to explain that puppies are not allowed in the store. "no puppies in Target?" she asked as she resumed her upright position. yep, no puppies in Target.

a few weeks ago she was in her car seat, gently cupping her hands together. "awww, puppy", she said softly, while petting the air. she then took her sippie cup and began feeding her imaginary friend. such a responsible dog owner.

i realize i have typed these words several times before and each time i really mean them but "THIS is my favorite age so far!" i dreaded two years old..."terrible twos" people love to say. i have worked with 2 year olds, and enjoyed very little of the experience. but i've been pleasantly surprised by the fun and wonder of this stage. their tiny brains retain information by the day, that comes out in the form of new words and adult like sentences! i laugh constantly ... hearing them process the world and watching them take pleasure in it! God help me to take mental snapshots that won't fade.

my hope is to get back to documenting our life with twins... i spend all my spare time enjoying them, that i have neglected to post as often. here's to capturing the moments and sharing them more often with you!

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