Friday, September 18, 2009


for those who asked...

would you agree that we all want to be connected? we were created with a deep desire to be seen, known & valued by others. this longing to connect begins at birth.

early brain development is contingent on our connections with others, particularly our care givers. connections established through eye contact, physical touch and presence in a playful situation have a direct impact on our neurological connections. although most of the brain's cells are formed before birth, most of the connections among cells are made during infancy and early childhood. at times during brain development, 250,000 neurons are added every minute! as we intentionally connect with our children and encourage their connections with others, important development is taking place.

one of the ways we try to build eye contact, touch and presence in a playful situation is through activities called "I love you rituals". you can sing any nursery rhyme, poem or even your own song... just implement touch and eye contact and wa-la! to learn more about I love You rituals and Conscious Discipline®, click here.

here are a few videos of the twinks doing I love rituals, as well as my students. the babies were just around a year old during the clips.
*** you will need to pause the music on the upper right side of the blog***

connections with mommy

connections with one another
warning: i am without a voice (sick), ryan is without a shirt :)

connections with students

have fun integrating those little brains!


  1. I love this! I'm going to do this with my girls today!

  2. Hey Girl! Keep it up... I am loving these CD posts. Do a few more and I will write up a post and link to you for other mommies to learn


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