Thursday, October 1, 2009

remember when...

cause i don't

i barely recognize those snuggly balls of baby.
and i truly don't remember them sleeping, much less at the same time.

this picture was taken just moments before two beyond grateful, yet blissfully ignorant new parents left the hospital for the real world of twinfants.

"if one more person tells us this will all be a blur..." we repeated several times a day.

"how can people say we will forget, this is completely unforgettable?!"

i remember typing those very words in a desperate-new-mommy email to my super-hero mommy friends. i was puzzled by what appeared to be an epidemic of mommy-amnesia.

"you forget", everyone assured me. i just knew we were the exception to this rule.

some friends of ours are expecting boy/ girl twins next month. we are so grateful to the Lord for His loving kindness and look forward to celebrating their arrival.

and chances are, we'll be passing on those famous, often annoying words..."this will all be a blur".

we pulled out the baby gear for our expectant friends so i had to snap a comparison pic.


  1. I love these pictures, and the contrast between them!

  2. Okay, Andrea, this picture at the bottom is hilarious!! Their faces are priceless!


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