Tuesday, June 1, 2010

4 weddings, a birthday party and a dose of groveling

i'm here to say that it's official...

first, and most obvious... i'm a blogger dropout. i have successfully managed to miss an entire season in blogland. a combination of my addiction to facebook & an unusually busy spring are to blame. those are my excuses anyway. the good news is that i am out of excuses since i am on SUMMER VACATION. yep, that too is official! look for more poehl updates coming your way.

in an effort to summarize our spring semester from where i last left off...
2 funerals, 4 weddings- one of which ryan officiated, another of which he was the best man... (which also made for 2 different bachelor/ bachelorette weekends), 2 youth impact fundraisers, several out of town trips to visit friends & family... you get the point. all the while watching 2 toddlers grow in inches & personality!

here is a pic of ryan officiating ryan & kate's wedding (we love you, mr. & mrs. aubuchon) 
wedding pic

a few random facts about the twinks...
both are out of pull ups at bedtime which makes our hearts & wallets sing
both are recognizing most letters & some sounds (which has absolutely nothing to do with me). special thanks to ms. canary!
an especially random fact...both are obsessed with Toy Story which makes the upcoming movie an extra exciting event.. especially since we have yet to go to the movie theater! and last but not least....

they are JUST ONE WEEK AWAY from turning THREE!

we will be having a candy land themed birthday party. i love candy & i especially love a good party so i thought it was the perfect way to celebrate! and i'm pretty sure they won't mind mommy picking the theme this year.birthday inviteBerkley Party Pic (2)Davis Party Pic (2) candy2 candyland, here we come!!!

stay tuned for more!!

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