Sunday, August 1, 2010

my new bff: windows live writer

okay, so maybe that’s a bit exaggerative considering we are newly acquainted. my sweet friend, tyne, introduced me to WLW many months ago & i was giddy at the possibilities…drop & drag picture uploads, easy-peezy edits, & time saving shortcuts right at my eager fingertips. wasting not a minute more, i clicked download & waited in anticipation. and waited…

and waited….

dozens of ERROR messages later, i gave up & crowned myself the queen of bloggy dropouts.

let’s just say it has taken a few months, a handful of inquiring readers & an embarrassingly simple google search to resolve the problem & get me on my bloggy way. AGAIN.

yah, yah, yah… we've heard this before… it’s been a busy season, you are determined to update more often, more coming soon… “blah blah blog” as my close (super-funny-somewhat-anti-blogging) friend might say. so instead of high hopes or false promises you get this…. a snapshot of our summer.

enjoy… it may or may not be a while before i pop back in. in the mean time i will be getting to know my new best friend over an iced caramel macchiato.

**you will need to pause the music on the right side bar before playing the slide show**

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