Saturday, February 26, 2011

random is all i can come up with

it’s our first free weekend since before the cotton bowl which means catching up on laundry, grocery shopping & the blog! 

this picture is from last may… bath time fun with everything but the kitchen sink. i just ran across it & thought it was too cute to pass up.twinks tubfast forward 7 months… a simple rocket launcher was a favorite around our house this christmas (thanks, robbin!) & is currently in the middle of our front yard. (sorry, neighbors!) if your wee ones don’t have one, it is SO FUN! …even for the whole family!winter 2011 028winter 2011 035winter 2011 032this new year's eve we headed to Pine Cove family camp. someone anonymously sponsored us to attend for the weekend! if you have not heard about family camp, it is quite the vacation! from the moment you arrive, the counselors swoop in like super-charged super-heroes anticipating the needs of weary parents. buffet lines, they got it. over turned cups of water, they got it. nap time, they got it!

yep. they even had a place you could bring your kiddos to take a nap so you could get time together as husband and wife. we plan to go back as soon as we can!! and a BIG FAT thank you to whoever arranged for us to go to family camp! we are so grateful for that time as a family!

oh, and did i mention the view!?winter 2011 064winter 2011 073

they had all kinds of activities you could do as a family…

winter 2011 084winter 2011 080winter 2011 108winter 2011 107we enjoyed a fire work display over the water, followed by smore’s. such a sweet time together… wrapping up the holidays and launching into a new year! winter 2011 047winter 2011 048

if this post wasn’t random enough…here are pictures from our snow day a few weeks ago. winter 2011 220winter 2011 228winter 2011 231

that’s all for now… stay tuned to learn more about the greatest college women’s conference!

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