Saturday, February 12, 2011

i heart them

2 twinks collagedavis collage

berk collage


  1. somehow... I found your blog... and SOOOO glad I did... I HAVE TWINS!!!! 2 little 18 month old adopted baby boys from Ethiopia! And its a CRAZY life isn't it???? SO glad I found you!!!

  2. Your kids are too cute!! They always look SO happy!

  3. so sweet, girls..
    jenny..glad you found me..crazy is the perfect word, but SO worth it! i am about to click on your blog and read your adoption story..twin boys from ethiopia..amazing amazing amazing! email if you ever have any ... would love to help if i can. off to stalk your blog :)

    brittany... they take great pics, don't they? don't be fooled..they are super happy but we have our moments too. :)


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