Sunday, February 6, 2011

so what’s all this about Intimate Issues?

a year ago i was invited to an Intimate Issues conference by a friend and her mom (one of several spiritual mothers God has given to me). when i first heard the title i was confused and a little embarrassed. not enough to keep me from a girly getaway of course. so in typical last minute fashion i threw clothes into a bag and was off for another unforeseen adventure.

little did i know.

so what comes to your mind when you hear the words Intimate Issues?  here was my thought process: sex, media, body image…ugh, i miss my pre-mommy belly, confusion, regret, sacred, failure, oneness, shame….confusion.

these might be some of yours...or perhaps others are more familiar to you: pornography, adultery, eating disorder, sexual abuse, abortion, divorce, rape…

just last week i poured over countless of prayer cards…. so many wounded women, intimately acquainted with words too difficult to even speak of.

i can tell you that God gave me a new word last year: FREEDOM.

how He longs for us to live freely, free to receive His love & to experience real intimacy.

i came home and typed up 12 pages of notes in Microsoft Word before distributing them to a list serve of women whom i love! (email me if you want the cliff notes!)

just 9 months later God graciously brought the conference to College Station. around 550 women attended, coming from as far as Pittsburg!

i am so grateful for how God called Linda Dillow, Lorraine Pintus & Nancy Barton Abbott to such a courageous & life-giving ministry.

i am grateful for our GBC women’s director, Carolyn, who has many roles in my life, co-director being among them!

Linda, Lorraine & Nancy

and i am beyond grateful to the team of women that helped to carry this conference out….

team pic

if you ever have the opportunity to attend this conference, GO! it will change your life, heart, mind and marriage! and until then you can always read the book. Linda & Lorraine have two brand new books out…just click on their names to learn more!

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